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Resources & URLs Westlake

AIDS Heathcare Foundation

Healthy Housing Foundation

E.B. Rust, architect of William Penn Hotel

Richie Brockelman, Private Eye (Westlake Theater Marquee)

Eat At The Bamboo Inn

Bamboo Inn 2005 W. Seventh St (213) 483-6938

Chop Suey Joint That Time Forgot

across the street from Langer’s Deli

Grand View Bungalow Court RIP

Esotouric Newsletter RIP to the Grand View Bungalow Court in the Westlake District

Abode Communities is building 100 apartments at 714 S. Grand View Street

L.A. City Council approves $53M in funding for affordable housing near MacArthur Park



Hayworth Theater

Dyansty Typewriter In The Hayworth Theater

Elks Lodge Dronescape

Trees In The Park

Poisonious Sausage Tree


Edward S. Curtis’ The North American Indian

Wildness (Wu Tsang, 2012)

Machado Bernard House

4 Ladies Dancing (2022) Director, Rocky Schenck (Machado Bernard is the house in the film)

4 Ladies Dancing Trailer

Rocky Schenck Filmography

the end