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Early Cemeteries of the City of Los Angeles, Edwin Carpenter. Dawson’s Books, 1973

Become a Huntington Reader

Boyle Workman’s The city that grew, as told to Caroline Walker

Fanny Bixby Spencer

Adobe Days : Being the Truthful Narrative of the Events in the Life of a California Girl on a Sheep Ranch by Sarah Bixby Smith

This is the successor group of the GAR:

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW)

A Brief History of The Grand Army of the Republic

Last Union Veteran Project

Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Records Project

The Masoleum (1983) (Crypt of Ivy Chapel is a central location)

Final Verdict, Adele Rogers St John

Leo Vaisman, The Psychic Cat Master RIP

Chinese Shrine HCM #486

Pacific Coast Showmen’s Association - Showmen’s Rest- Facebook Page

Pacific Coast Showmen’s Association Homepage

LA Times’ City Beat Column mentioning Showmen’s Rest

Mission of the Holy Spirit is a religious movement founded on the teachings of Eugène Richer dit La Flèche

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